Do You Need A Pulp Tester?

pulp tester

Pulp Tester

The arsenal of tools available to the practicing endodontist for the diagnosis and treatment of teeth needing a root canal are rapidly mounting. Of course, none can replace the age old methods of just listening to the patients feedback, applying hot and cold to the expected areas, tapping, and palpation. However, technology has provided one more method of ensuring the resultant diagnosis is accurate.

Electric Pulp Tester - Problem Solved

Electric Pulp Testers used in conjunction with the above methods, and combined with a good radiograph can increase the probability of correct diagnosis, giving doctors one more non intrusive method of ensuring the desired result.

The Electric Pulp Test (EPT) is quick and painless. Pulp testers are relatively inexpensive and portable. When hot and cold tests fail to give clear information as to the vitality of the tooth, information provided by the pulp tester can be weighed against other teeth to assist with the correct diagnosis.

Pulp Tester Equipment Available on Ebay

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