US based Parkell has been producing quality dental components for many years. Company has considerable expertise in electronic dental components, producing quality surgical units and ultrasonic dental scalers which are prized by doctors as being cost effective, and dependable. Parkell's natural progression to Apex Locators came early, as the technology proved to be effective. Keeping with the same, simple design characteristics as their other equipment, Parkell produced an Apex Locator which is both dependable, and effective in a wide range of environments.

Parkell Foramatron D10

Proving to be a staple with doctors requiring exact measurement, Parkell's Apex Locator has proven effective, even as battery power becomes low (a big problem with competitors). The use of quality circuit board components allows this unit to remain consistent, even at reduced power levels.

Foramatron D10

Awesome apex locator from a company known for quality and vision.


Parkell - Economical

Two things you can't complain too much about with these guys: Price and Warranty. Both are very reasonable for the quality of equipment provided. Founded In 1948, this US company is a leading manufacturer of economical dental electronics necessary for today's modern ultrasonic scalers, electrosurgery units, apex locators, curing lights, etc.

Family owned for 60 plus years, they are proof the little guys can compete. The Foramatron D10 is a featured item on this site, as it gains ground with leading competitors for the consumer seeking accuracy in a compact table top unit which can be mastered with relative ease.