Tri Auto ZX

tri auto zx

J. Morita Tri Auto ZX - Endo Handpiece

The cordless Tri Auto ZX is an endodontic handpiece with built-in apex locator.  It operates as a low speed handpiece for flaring the upper part of the canal, shapes and cleans lower canal portions while monitoring depth and position of file, and built in locator measures length of root.

Used in combination with a good radiograph, the Tri Auto ZX can increase accuracy and safety.

Tri Auto ZX - Adjustable Torque

Wireless flexibility, adjustable torque settings, and increased efficiency help minimize setup time. Unit can be operated in automatic, or manual mode as operator gains skill and confidence.

Additional Features

  • 3 Auto Functions: Start/Stop -Apical Reverse -Torque Reverse
  • Handpiece will automatically shut off after three minutes of non-use
  • Monitor position of file while cleaning and shaping
  • LED control panel on handpiece for easy viewing
  • Cordless for maximum flexibility
  • Extremely safe

J. Morita Tri Auto ZX Available on Ebay

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