SybronEndo Mini Apex Locator

sybronendo mini

SybronEndo Mini - Compact, Accurate

The SybronEndo Mini Apex Locatorâ„¢ delivers the power of apex location in a unit easily carried between operatories. Accuracy is very good. Price is below the norm for this level of quality.

Despite its compact size, the SybronEndo Mini is very durable and combines a sophisticated measurement system with relative ease of use.

Another good apex locator from this manufacturer is the SybronEndo Elements Diagnostic Unit with Apex Locator.

All digital signal of the SybronEndo Mini allows for shorter, easier to manage cable than other apex locators.

SybronEndo Mini Summary:

  • No counter space required
  • Compact
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Easily portable
  • Low price

SybronEndo Mini Apex Locators Available on Ebay

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