SybronEndo Elements Apex Locator

sybronendo elements

SybronEndo Elements - Apex Locator

The SybronEndo proprietary 4th generation Elements Diagnostic Unit and Apex Locator offers predictability and accuracy. The diagnostic unit's scanner also provides for pain free electric pulp testing, adding to the array of tools available to the operator.

SybronEndo Elements - Improved

New SybronEndo Elements software and hardware optimizes earlier engineering to provide precise measurements which can be easily read on the Satellite Display, which you can place as necessary within your field of vision. This is an option available on very few other apex locators we have reviewed. The SybronEndo Elements is a good unit with additional diagnostic features not found combined with other manufacturers apex locators.

If you are looking for a SybronEndo unit with a little more portability, take a look at the SybronEndo Mini. I literally fits into the palm of your hand.

SybronEndo Elements Additional Features

  • Auto-power off conserves battery life
  • Full-range audio speakers eliminate annoying beeps
  • Nonglare tilt screen with digital and graphical feedback
  • Autoclavable medical-grade cords and connectors
  • Probes are gold plated to resist micro-corrosion
  • Automatic calibration for a moreaccurate diagnosis
  • Advanced battery technology for longest life between charges
  • Vitality Scanner provides pain-free electric pulp testing and accurate analysis in the presence of EDTA, sodium hypochlorite, blood, saline, water and hydrogen peroxide

SybronEndo Elements Diagnostic Units Available on Ebay

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