J. Morita Root ZX II

root zx iiRoot ZX II - Accurate apical foramen measurement

Invented in 1992, the J. Morita Root ZX II is currently one of the best selling apex locators. It has proven itself safe and accurate, and was the first unit providing dentists the capability to work in wet canals. Blood and other fluids do not typically affect measurements.

Root ZX II patented technology offers an accuracy rate above 96%. LCD readout is large and easy to read. Action of the meter in the display corresponds to the tactile sensation of using the file.

Other Root ZX II Features

  • slim, lightweight file holder
  • no zero-adjustment
  • automatic calibration
  • battery power indication
  • automatic power off function.

As an optional upgrade, a module enables the unit to function as a low speed handpiece, apex locator, or a combination of both. The module snaps easily onto the back of the unit and offers numerous safety features including Auto Torque Slow Down.

An in vitro comparison of three apex locators concluded that the Root ZX II was significantly more accurate at finding the apical foramen than competitive models. See the following: In Vitro Comparison

J. Morita Root ZX II Apex Locators available on Ebay

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See also Tri Auto ZX Cordless Endo Handpiece with built in Apex Locator from J. Morita.

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