Apex Locators: Another Piece To The Puzzle

apex locators

Apex Locators - Insight

Added insight from a tool you will use to help ensure a successful procedure. Apex Locators are a must have for the modern endodontic practice.

Apex Locators - How They Work

Apex Locators use an electrical circuit, with a pain-free current traveling through the root canal, actually using the patients oral tissues as a conductive flow path.

To achieve this circuit, a lead is attached to a file, which in turn, is placed into the root canal. Another lead is attached to the patients lip to complete the setup. Since hard tooth structure is a poor conductor, the signal at initial setup, will be very weak at best. As file is advanced through this area to the patients apical foramen, the signal becomes very strong due to the electricalapex locators conductivity of these tissues. Signal is transmitted to the operator via the consoles LCD screen and typically an audible alarm.

Apex Locator Technology - Just How Accurate Is It?

Studies show that electronic apex location technology is very sound, accurate, and when used in conjunction with a good radiograph, provides the best feedback available for determining apical foramen location. The key is the ability of newer apex locators to perform accurately in varying degrees of viscous fluids. Earlier models showed difficulty measuring distance accurately when files were immersed in fluids containing a high degree of blood. All newer models have greatly overcome this impediment, of course, some a little better than others. In the hands of capable operators, modern apex locators provide time saving information for more efficient case treatments.

Apex Locators Available on Ebay

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