Propex II

propex ii

Dentsply Propex II – 5th Generation

The Propex┬« II Apex Locator features a new higher resolution full color visual display for much better tracking of the files. Now in it’s 5th generation this model also incorporates the latest apex locator multi frequency technology. Coupled with the new, closer, view of the apical area provided by an extended apical zoom function, which automatically activates when the file reaches this critical location, the new full color display makes locating the apex considerably easier, even in more difficult conditions.

Propex II – Easily Portable

The Propex II apex locator has a small footprint and operates on a rechargeable battery, so it can be moved between dental surgeries with ease. Using the latest battery technology, this unit maintains it’s charge well, even with the new higher resolution color display. Battery technology is money well spent on an apex locator unit. Many units drop significantly in accuracy as unit energy level drops. The Propex II has batteries that last, in a unit which also operates well at lower power levels.

Propex II Apex Locator and Accessories Available on Ebay

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