Apex Locator – 2 in 1

2 in 1 apex locator2 in 1 Apex Locator Handpiece Combo

If you don’t mind considering the international market for your equipment needs, take a look at the 2 in 1 Apex Locator with Handpiece combination.

Dealers on Ebay selling the 2 in 1 Apex Locator at a rate of 12 per month.

This Endo Motor and 2 in 1 Apex Locator combination, made in China is currently selling at a rate of 12 per month just on Ebay, as reported on Terapeak.com. Customer satisfaction feedback on the 2 in 1 apex locator has been good, and sales are increasing by word of mouth advertising.

2 in 1 Apex Locator with Swiss origins.

Originally designed in Switzerland, units are mass produced in Chinese manufacturing plants under exacting standards, common to much of the electronics now being produced in the industry. At one time, China was considered the new Pakistan of substandard manufacturing, but not anymore. Many excellent dental products, including the 2 in 1 apex locator, are now produced in asian countries.


  • Original Switzerland motor.
  • Drive-1:1 contra angle is available.
  • Color wide LCD screen.
  • Rotation speed and torque can be programmed to 9 settings.
  • Auto torque reverse.
  • Dual-frequency apical locator.
  • 9 working modules.
  • Auto apical reverse and apical stop.
  • Auto apical slow down.
  • Auto start and stop
  • AC adaptor or High capacity Li-ion battery
  • Auto power off and memory function.

Package Includes

  • Control Unit
  • Handpiece
  • 1:1 Contra Angle
  • Foot Control
  • Connector tips(2)
  • Cable
  • AC Adaptor
  • English Instruction Manual

2 in 1 Apex Locators for Sale

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Do You Need A Pulp Tester?

pulp tester

Pulp Tester

The arsenal of tools available to the practicing endodontist for the diagnosis and treatment of teeth needing a root canal are rapidly mounting. Of course, none can replace the age old methods of just listening to the patients feedback, applying hot and cold to the expected areas, tapping, and palpation. However, technology has provided one more method of ensuring the resultant diagnosis is accurate.

Electric Pulp Tester – Problem Solved

Electric Pulp Testers used in conjunction with the above methods, and combined with a good radiograph can increase the probability of correct diagnosis, giving doctors one more non intrusive method of ensuring the desired result.

The Electric Pulp Test (EPT) is quick and painless. Pulp testers are relatively inexpensive and portable. When hot and cold tests fail to give clear information as to the vitality of the tooth, information provided by the pulp tester can be weighed against other teeth to assist with the correct diagnosis.

Pulp Tester Equipment Available on Ebay

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