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Top 7 Apex Locator Comparison

apex locator

Apex Locator – Root Canal Finder

Successful root canal therapy requires accurate location of the apical foramen. An apex locator is used in conjunction with radiography, in many cases, as an additional measure to ensure proper determination of canal length.

Apex Locator Purchase – Things To Consider

apex locatorThe modern apex locator is a small, light weight unit which typically operates off batteries when necessary to increase portability. They all have some form of display to indicate the approximate distance of the file tip to the apex, and to show when the apical foramen is reached. Many have audible alarms which can be set to the operators preference for an additional indication to ensure accuracy of measurement.

Apex Locator Autoclavable Components

Components coming into contact with the patient are typically lip clips (or electrodes), and file clips (or holders). These items can be expected to wear out over time, especially with autoclave requirements, and are available for purchase through the manufacturers. The cost (when available) of these items is included in the apex locator comparison below, as this should be considered prior to purchase. The table is a good comparison of some of the top selling apex locator units we have looked at, but does not include all of the excellent units available.

ScreenLip ClipFile ClipManufacturer
J. Morita
Root ZX II
$999.001 yearLCD
3" X 4"
$9701 YearLCD
2.5" X 2"
$8991 YearLCD
3.2" X 2"
Sybron Endo
$12001 YearLCD
2" X 3"
J. Morita
Tri Auto ZX
$21401 YearLCD
.5" X 2"
$8752 YearLCD
3.5" X 1.4"
Sybron Endo
$5393 YearN/A5/pkg
Please use the above information for comparison purposes only, and continue to browse our site for additional insight toward making an informed purchasing decision.

Morita Root ZX Mini

morita root zx miniAs computer micro chip technology gets more and more compact, so goes the apex locator. The Morita Root ZX mini is a super compact design containing the same technology that made the Morita Root ZX II the number one seller.

Morita Root ZX Mini – Picture Says It All

The fact that it measures just over 4″ by 2″ makes the 97.5% accuracy rate of the Morita Root ZX Mini interesting. The weight of 3.88 ounces makes it hard to overlook. LCD technology makes this possible, while still providing a screen capable of viewing from a distance. The Mini also offers 3 programmable memory settings, can withstand a pretty good drop, calibrates itself, and turns itself off to save battery power.morita root zx mini image

Morita Root ZX Mini – Accurate Measurement

Utilizing its own version of the ratio technique, Morita Root ZX mini provides accurate indication of file location. Accuracy is not affected by the presence or absence of blood, electrolytes, saline, tap water, or hydrogen peroxide.
Also, unit does not require zeroing before measuring each individual canal. Flash bar and memory bar available to be set as guides for canal measurement and enlargement. Flash bar can be set anywhere between 2 and APEX. Memory bar is used as a guide when file size is changed for canal enlargement.

Morita Root ZX Mini Specifications

Model: RCM-7morita root zx mini accessories
Rating: DC 4.5 V
Power Consumption: 0.2 W
Size: W 2.36“ × D 4.06“ × H 2.24“
Weight: approx. 3.88 oz.

Unit Includes
1 × probe cord
3 × file holders
5 × contrary electrodes
1 × canal-length tester
3 × DC 1.5 V AAA size battery

Morita Root ZX Mini Units Available:

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Apex Locator – 2 in 1

2 in 1 apex locator2 in 1 Apex Locator Handpiece Combo

If you don’t mind considering the international market for your equipment needs, take a look at the 2 in 1 Apex Locator with Handpiece combination.

Dealers on Ebay selling the 2 in 1 Apex Locator at a rate of 12 per month.

This Endo Motor and 2 in 1 Apex Locator combination, made in China is currently selling at a rate of 12 per month just on Ebay, as reported on Customer satisfaction feedback on the 2 in 1 apex locator has been good, and sales are increasing by word of mouth advertising.

2 in 1 Apex Locator with Swiss origins.

Originally designed in Switzerland, units are mass produced in Chinese manufacturing plants under exacting standards, common to much of the electronics now being produced in the industry. At one time, China was considered the new Pakistan of substandard manufacturing, but not anymore. Many excellent dental products, including the 2 in 1 apex locator, are now produced in asian countries.


  • Original Switzerland motor.
  • Drive-1:1 contra angle is available.
  • Color wide LCD screen.
  • Rotation speed and torque can be programmed to 9 settings.
  • Auto torque reverse.
  • Dual-frequency apical locator.
  • 9 working modules.
  • Auto apical reverse and apical stop.
  • Auto apical slow down.
  • Auto start and stop
  • AC adaptor or High capacity Li-ion battery
  • Auto power off and memory function.

Package Includes

  • Control Unit
  • Handpiece
  • 1:1 Contra Angle
  • Foot Control
  • Connector tips(2)
  • Cable
  • AC Adaptor
  • English Instruction Manual

2 in 1 Apex Locators for Sale

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Apex Locators: Another Piece To The Puzzle

apex locators

Apex Locators – Insight

Added insight from a tool you will use to help ensure a successful procedure. Apex Locators are a must have for the modern endodontic practice.

Apex Locators – How They Work

Apex Locators use an electrical circuit, with a pain-free current traveling through the root canal, actually using the patients oral tissues as a conductive flow path.

To achieve this circuit, a lead is attached to a file, which in turn, is placed into the root canal. Another lead is attached to the patients lip to complete the setup. Since hard tooth structure is a poor conductor, the signal at initial setup, will be very weak at best. As file is advanced through this area to the patients apical foramen, the signal becomes very strong due to the electricalapex locators conductivity of these tissues. Signal is transmitted to the operator via the consoles LCD screen and typically an audible alarm.

Apex Locator Technology – Just How Accurate Is It?

Studies show that electronic apex location technology is very sound, accurate, and when used in conjunction with a good radiograph, provides the best feedback available for determining apical foramen location. The key is the ability of newer apex locators to perform accurately in varying degrees of viscous fluids. Earlier models showed difficulty measuring distance accurately when files were immersed in fluids containing a high degree of blood. All newer models have greatly overcome this impediment, of course, some a little better than others. In the hands of capable operators, modern apex locators provide time saving information for more efficient case treatments.

Apex Locators Available on Ebay

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Do You Need A Pulp Tester?

pulp tester

Pulp Tester

The arsenal of tools available to the practicing endodontist for the diagnosis and treatment of teeth needing a root canal are rapidly mounting. Of course, none can replace the age old methods of just listening to the patients feedback, applying hot and cold to the expected areas, tapping, and palpation. However, technology has provided one more method of ensuring the resultant diagnosis is accurate.

Electric Pulp Tester – Problem Solved

Electric Pulp Testers used in conjunction with the above methods, and combined with a good radiograph can increase the probability of correct diagnosis, giving doctors one more non intrusive method of ensuring the desired result.

The Electric Pulp Test (EPT) is quick and painless. Pulp testers are relatively inexpensive and portable. When hot and cold tests fail to give clear information as to the vitality of the tooth, information provided by the pulp tester can be weighed against other teeth to assist with the correct diagnosis.

Pulp Tester Equipment Available on Ebay

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NSK iPex Apex Locator

nsk ipex

NSK Ipex – New Technology

NSK breaks into the apex locator business with the iPex. Advanced digital unit accurately measures length of any Root canal, including dry, wet and bloody canals, and virtually eliminates the problems encountered by the older analogue locators. Automatic frequency selection calibrates unit to each patient’s canal condition. Large LCD displays are common place in the newer digital apex locators, but this one seems a bit larger than most. Audio signal provides additional accurate feedback for precise canal treatment.

NSK Ipex Component Summary:

  • Instant canal length measurement
  • Easy user interface
  • Large LCD screen
  • Audible warning
  • Auto shut-off
  • AAA battery backup

NSK IPex Units Available on Ebay

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J. Morita Tri Auto ZX Cordless Apex Locator

J. Morita Tri Auto ZX – Portable

The cordless J. Morita Tri Auto ZX is an endodontic handpiece with built-in apex locator.  It operates as a low speed handpiece for flaring the upper part of the canal, shapes and cleans lower canal portions while monitoring depth and position of file, and built in locator measures length of root.

Used in combination with a good radiograph, the Tri Auto ZX can increase accuracy and safety.

J. Morita Tri Auto ZX – Auto or Manual

Wireless flexibility, adjustable torque settings, and increased efficiency helpj. morita tri auto zx minimize setup time. Unit can be operated in automatic, or manual mode as operator gains skill and confidence.

Additional Features

  • 3 Auto Functions: Start/Stop -Apical Reverse -Torque Reverse
  • Handpiece will automatically shut off after three minutes of non-use
  • Monitor position of file while cleaning and shaping
  • LED control panel on handpiece for easy viewing
  • Cordless for maximum flexibility
  • Extremely safe

J. Morita Tri Auto ZX Available on Ebay

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J. Morita Dentaport ZX Video

SybronEndo Elements Apex Locator

sybronendo elements

SybronEndo Elements – Apex Locator

The SybronEndo proprietary 4th generation Elements Diagnostic Unit and Apex Locator offers predictability and accuracy. The diagnostic unit’s scanner also provides for pain free electric pulp testing, adding to the array of tools available to the operator.

SybronEndo Elements – Improved

New SybronEndo Elements software and hardware optimizes earlier engineering to provide precise measurements which can be easily read on the Satellite Display, which you can place as necessary within your field of vision. This is an option available on very few other apex locators we have reviewed. The SybronEndo Elements is a good unit with additional diagnostic features not found combined with other manufacturers apex locators.

If you are looking for a SybronEndo unit with a little more portability, take a look at the SybronEndo Mini. I literally fits into the palm of your hand.

SybronEndo Elements Additional Features

  • Auto-power off conserves battery life
  • Full-range audio speakers eliminate annoying beeps
  • Nonglare tilt screen with digital and graphical feedback
  • Autoclavable medical-grade cords and connectors
  • Probes are gold plated to resist micro-corrosion
  • Automatic calibration for a moreaccurate diagnosis
  • Advanced battery technology for longest life between charges
  • Vitality Scanner provides pain-free electric pulp testing and accurate analysis in the presence of EDTA, sodium hypochlorite, blood, saline, water and hydrogen peroxide

SybronEndo Elements Diagnostic Units Available on Ebay

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